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Cold Storage Lighting

Normally, Cold storage is cold warehouse with many high racks. It has three dramatic features: The first one, it is cold temperature, normally starts at -30ºc. The second one, it has many high racks. And the third one, people seldom walk in unless they need goods in cold storage. In this condition, we can conclude with this solution, cold storage lighting must meet the below demand.

    1. It can work stably under -30ºc with low maintenance.
    2.  With many high racks environment, lighting patterns should be long and narrow in aisle area, which can make sure light is fully used without wasting. What’s more, because forklift is mainly used in warehouse, forklift drivers must be able to look up and down the stacks and the products, which require the horizontal lighting level and vertical lighting level can make human eyes feel comfortable to enhance job safety and work efficiency.
    3. With people seldom walk in the cold storage, which require the lighting has multiple intelligent control options, enable cold storage facilities to dramatically reduce lighting-related energy usage.
Cold Storage Lighting by Luxar