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Manufacturing Lighting

Manufacturing Lighting is used in the production hall which lighting system keeps up around 10-24 hours per working day. Flexible lighting system can deliver consistently high light levels, significantly enhance safety and productivity on the work floor, contributing to a greater feeling of well being among staff, and keeps things running smoothly. As replacing lamps can result in precious production time lost, lighting must be stable which keeping maintenance and energy costs low.

LED Lighting is the ideal solution for a retrofit of existing HID fixtures, or specifying lighting for a new facility. Compared to HID lamps, the lack of heat given off by LED lamps allows energy savings also to be made through the reduced need for HVAC systems. DALI, wireless ZigBee, daylight/motion/PIR sensor, 1-10V dimming controls can be added to the system, with help of those intelligent control, lamps can be controlled fixture-by-fixture and cell-by-cell, generate energy savings, and meet changing operations needs.

Manufacturing Lighting by Luxar